Summer Crops Available for Purchase at the store

For over 60 years we’ve helped feed Alaskans. As Alaskans, we understand how important it is to put food up for the winter. For this reason, we’ve put together an online produce catalog for you to view what we typically have available  for freezing, cold storage, or canning this winter of Alaska Grown vegetables.


How it works:

  1. You order in our online produce market.
  2. We receive your order.
  3. When the crop is ready or comes into the farm from one of our affiliate farms, we’ll send you an email that your order can be fulfilled and notify you when to pick up at the farm stand. You will need to pick up your order within 48 hrs of being contacted.
  4. If you do not pick up the order, your order will go to the next available customer.
  5. If we can’t fulfill the order, you will be reimbursed, in full, any money you’ve put out for the product.

Please shop and enjoy!