Wholesale Produce from Bushes Bunches

In addition to our retail store, we are Alaska’s premier wholesale produce market for restaurants, breweries and food producers.  We provide wholesale vegetables and wholesale fruit to Anchorage, Wasilla and Palmer.  Our fresh, local, seasonal produce provides a beautiful flavor profile to your menu.


Giving Greater Value To Your Final Product

When you work with Alaska Grown farms, you not only support your fellow Alaskans, but provide an added-value component to your final products. In addition, if you are a restaurant, you’ll be able to participate in the Division of Agriculture’s Restaurant Recognition Program. The first 50 Alaskan restaurants that apply will receive free radio advertising, print advertising, social media campaigns, marketing materials, Alaska restaurant directory mobile application, and a specially designed Restaurant Recognition logo for use in each restaurant.

In addition, we would be happy to supply your restaurant or business with our company logo, company stickers, and company bio information to use in your marketing materials and menus.



Frequently Asked Questions about Wholesale Produce

How do I know what is available each week for processing?

The first product we usually see come in is rhubarb in early June. Throughout the month radishes and turnips become available. When July comes we start seeing cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini, cabbage, and beets. We typically don’t see pickling cucumbers, kohlrabi, carrots and potatoes until August.

When should I submit my order form for processing?

As soon as you know what you want! We can keep in contact with you to let you know when products become available.

What size volume can you accommodate?

If you give us a few days lead time, we can usually get large orders filled and ready.

For annual contracts, when would you need to know my order by?

Large volume contracts that would significantly impact our production plans need to be submitted to our office November through January. Once received we will send you a purchase order contract with our terms for meeting and fulfilling this contract.

Can you guarantee fulfillment of our orders and contracts?

We will do our best to fulfill the order form. Even though we would like to, we cannot control the weather in Alaska, which means that some things may come early or late, even with working with 7 farms. We still are beholden to the weather of our great state.

We also work with farmers and producers all over the state to offer you delicious Alaska Grown produce and food options.  We will work diligently to offer you the highest quality products at the best prices in the state!